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Xperio Labs appoints Vineet Somakumar as VP, GM for South Asia April 20, 2016

Xperio Labs has appointed Vineet Somakumar as VP and GM for South Asia and other emerging markets. He will be responsible for the profit and loss of the sales organisation. In his last assignment, Somakumar was head of media sales and TV media practice of Ericsson India. He also managed the Sub-Saharan Africa business for Ericsson for a brief period. He took Ericsson to a leadership position in the cable sector besides maintaining its leadership position in the broadcast/DTH space.

Prior to joining Tandberg/Ericsson, Somakumar worked for global brands like Cisco/Scientific Atlanta, Siemens and Alcatel both in the service provider and in the enterprise space. Somakumar commented, “The consumer IoT space is soon getting at an inflection point and Xperio labs is well positioned to lead this space in emerging markets. I am excited to start a new chapter with Xperio. Having worked with most of the founding team members in Scientific Atlanta/Cisco, it’s a kind of home coming for me.”

Xperio Labs president Roshan D’Souza said, “Vineet brings along with him wealth of experience, industry knowledge and strong CXO relationships in the service provider space. I’m confident he will play a key role in providing and implementing high-quality solutions for our clients enabling them to offer their subscribers the best of consumer IoT.”

Xperio Labs participates in Convergence 2015 January 20, 2015

Xperio Labs Ltd announced its participation at Convergence India 2015 , one of the largest technology expositions to be held in New Delhi from January 21st – 23rd 2015

As a rapidly expanding devices and services company, Xperio will showcase its latest range of devices and portfolio of services that include; cost effective D2 and D3 wired and wireless modems, the new range of MPEG 2/4 SD & HD STB's with a user friendly interface and remote controls as well as the Xperio Labs Platform As A Service (PaaS) which allows Service Providers to broadcast video, broadcast radio, Internet Radio and a host of other services to their subscribers on various Android and Apple devices.

The Xperio's devices and services are built around the needs of the consumer as well as the but also the service provider.. Xperio's commitment to innovation, combined with its ability to offer full end-to-end products & solutions along with responsive customization helps reduce a service provider's TCO- Total Cost of Ownership and TTM – Time To Market.

Modi's 'Make In India' effect: Xperio Labs mulling Indian manufacturing unit January 17, 2015

MUMBAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make In India’ initiative, which is designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub, has started attracting various companies. Xperio Labs, an emerging market focused 'Devices and Services' company, is now evaluating the prospects of setting up a manufacturing unit in India.

The company will be showcasing its products at the upcoming 23rd Convergence India 2015, which is being held in Delhi from 21-23 January. Speaking to, Xperio Labs VP sales Paul Avery said, “We have both sales and support staff in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. We have also set the ball rolling for a small development team in Chennai. We look at India as our ‘hub’ for software and services and China for our manufacturing. We are also evaluating the prospects of manufacturing in India given the call for 'Make in India' by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

According to Avery, India is not only a significant contributor to the company’s revenue, but is a high growth market for them.

Talking about the products that the company will showcase at Convergence 2015, Avery said, “At Convergence 2015, we will be exhibiting our range of devices namely MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 Set Top Boxes (STB), Docsis-2 and Docsis-3 wired and wi-fi modems. We also plan to run live demonstrations of our Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows service providers to offer OTT/TV Everywhere services on a pay as you go basis.”

Xperio Labs has worked together as a team under different brands like Scientific Atlanta/Cisco and has contributed to the transformation of the Indian cable industry since 2003. “We have seen this industry grow by leaps and bounds. We have also learnt over the years that Indian Service Providers are value conscious (not price conscious) and cable has offered stiff competition to DTH and has been able to provide a credible alternative to DTH,” he added.

The service company, which currently has offices in Hong Kong, Atlanta, Bengaluru, Delhi, Dubai, Mumbai, Surrey and Shanghai is initially focusing on markets in south Asia, south east Asia and middle east regions. “In the very near term, we would like to do deeper, rather than wider coverage in these markets and then look at other emerging markets such as Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America,” said Avery.

According to him, in the broadcast space, service providers have now started moving their focus from just offering video services to more data and voice globally and very soon next generation services, such as home security and automation services will also begin. “We plan to offer these services as part of our PaaS platform,” he informed.

Elaborating further on PaaS, Xperio Labs CTO Ajith Nair said, “This platform allows service providers to quickly launch OTT/TV Everywhere services with minimum capex and mostly on an opex model i.e pay as you go. It also helps reduce service providers’ Time To Market (TTM) and focus on customer acquisition and retention, without being concerned about the technology and its management. Service providers can offer services like broadcast TV, on demand TV, internet radio and concierge services to name a few.”

Xperio Labs, which has been involved with service providers for more than two decades, has seen the international service providers evolve from single service companies to triple pay, and in some cases quad play. “During this transition they have had to undergo several operational challenges and we anticipate that in the emerging market service providers will face similar challenges, and there is a broad dearth of technology companies that can help them with such challenges,” Nair opined.

The company, according to Nair, can provide a Tier-1 engagement model at an Asia Inc price. “We also believe we can provide close-in product and operational support with an India based support team. In this way service providers can take advantage of the best of both the worlds,” he said.

Since its inception in September 2013, Xperio Labs has been successful with a number of Tier-1 and 2 service providers in several markets like India, Nepal, Maldives, Vietnam and Philippines.

The company has been working on providing OTT/TV Everywhere service. When asked about the progress, Nair said, “It is still in its infancy in emerging markets, it is similar to what Digital TV was 8-10 years ago, but slowly and surely we have seen a huge upswing in consumers purchasing more mobile devices namely smartphones, tablets and Phablets and hence their need to consume content on the move, or consume content on multiple screens in the home.”

“We have made considerable progress with the technology and we are currently in the midst of launching a tier-1 MSO go TV Everywhere. Our target group is tier-1/2 MSO's who appreciate the need to launch such services but don't want to make a capex investment and also don't want to build and manage the OTT infrastructure,” informed Nair.

Xperio Labs, in order to meet the requirements of its growth plans in India is always on a lookout for strategic partners, who can, not only help them grow their reach in the market but also invest/co-develop in some of its services and technologies.

Avery is confident about the products the company makes. “Our devices and services are built not just keeping a consumer, but also the service provider in mind, a B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) approach to the market. The industrial design, user interface, along with the software design and architecture of our products reflect our understanding that technology is only as good as it is useful to the people using it. In short it is an experience that we provide our customers,” he informed.

According to Nair, digital STBs may soon cease to exist in its current form. “In the years to come, it would just be an application residing on a mobile device or television, or it would have to transform into a set of devices; a gateway for home entertainment, communication, security, automation and health care with one or many display devices,” concluded Nair.

In The News

Asianet launches mobile TV app July 20, 2016

Asianet Satellite Communications has launched Asianet Mobile TV+, an on-the-go mobile app for live streaming of Malayalam and other regional TV channels.

It can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Registration and activation can be done at

The TV channels offers a mix of rich content in entertainment, news, travel, lifestyle and spiritual segments, a company spokesman said. The launch offer includes a month’s free subscription of TV and radio services.

A leading digital cable TV and broadband service provider in Kerala, Asianet has extended digital cable TV services to various states in South India.

It now plans to go beyond the realm of entertainment and launch various other value-added services through the OTT (over-the-top) platform to transform itself into a lifestyle services provider.
G Sankaranarayana, President and Chief Operating Officer, Asianet, observed that mobile consumption has grown tremendously in recent times.

Asianet is poised to ride the wave with Asianet Mobile TV+, offering services in entertainment and various other modules to the Indian audience across the globe. S Satishkumar, Executive Vice President, Asianet, said that it has partnered with XperioLabs as the platform to launch the mobile app service.

Eurostar launches Asianet Mobile TV app in Gulf August 24, 2015

Dubai: Dubai-based Eurostar has tied up with Asianet Satellite Communications and Xperio Labs to launch the Asianet Mobile TV app in the Gulf states in its bid to attract Malayalee expats.
A bouquet of 22 popular live Malayalam television channels and 20 radio channels (Malayalam, Hindi and English) can be streamed on tablets and smartphones.

“People are not keen to watch their favourite shows and programmes on TVs, especially the younger generation. The integration of [the] smart home concept is gaining traction in the region,” Yousuf Saidi, chief operating officer of Eurostar, told Gulf News.
Eurostar is giving a two-month free subscription with their ePad seven-inch tablet, which is retailing for Dh279 at Lulu outlets in the Gulf. The app can also be downloaded from the Android or Apple stores but the subscription can only be purchased from Eurostar website.

Malayalee expats need to pay Dh90 for a six-month subscription package.

The Malayalam live TV stations are Asianet News, Kairali, People, Jeevan, Mathrubhumi TV, Reporter, Kappa, Rosebowl, JaiHind, Flowers, Sakhi, Janam, Shalom, MediaOne, Amrita, WE, Kaumadi, Safari, ACV and PowerVision.
G. Sankaranarayana, president and COO of Asianet Satellite Communications, said that subscribers can use the same account anywhere in the world.

“This is just the beginning. The technology is changing very fast and everything is going mobile. This gave us an opportunity to reach to expat Malayalee community through our app. Our intention is to reach 100 channels, offer video-on-demand and gaming services very shorty and in other languages also,” he said.
Even though many of the channels have their own apps, Roshan D’Souza, president of Xperio Labs, said it is the convenience that counts through a single and intuitive app rather than downloading all the multiple apps.